FAQ - Bestway Mega Water Parks
Bestway Mega Water Parks


Most of our water parks are for outdoor use only, particularly those that use water. Some of our smaller bouncers are safe for indoor or outdoor use.

We don’t recommend using the water park on a terrace or patio. The combination of the water weight and the users can cause damage to the surface. The best and safest position is on a flat, grassed surface.

With the included, built-in blower, most of our water parks takes less than two minutes to inflate.

To guarantee constant air flow into the water park and ensure it is always inflated, it’s necessary to keep the pump plugged in during use.

Each of our water parks have different individual and combined weight user capacities, which you can find in the product manual. Manuals can be found here: https://bestwaycorp.com.au/Support

Yes, it is possible to use the water park without water. Our recommendation however is to use the water park with water, as this allows a soft and safe landing and reduces the risk of any skin irritation from the lack of a wet, slick surface.

For most states in Australia, if a pool (including an inflatable pool) holds more than 30cm of water in height, it requires safety fencing. It is best to contact your local council regarding requirements if you are unsure. Also, you need to ensure adult supervision of children using inflatable water parks at all times.

To keep the product clean, wipe the inflatable body of the water park, using a dry cloth or a cloth dampened with a neutral, non-flammable, non-toxic cleaning and sanitizing solution or pure water. Never store the water park when wet, to avoid the formation of mildew. Be sure to dry the surface of the body of the water park after each use. Do not let water into the air-blower.

Different sizes of motors have different power consumptions. You can find the power consumption on the rating label of the motor.